Ian & Family (CEO) 2005

Ian Hodgkinson, Wendy Hodgkinson, Ryan Hodgkinson 11yrs, Juliana Hodgkinson 7yrs

Ian Hodgkinson

Being a qualified mechanic has set me in good steed for a career in the automotive industry i became interested in importing cars in 1982 when i made my first trip to Japan since then i have regularly journeyed to Japan and other country's for the supply of cars & boats. Having a passion for cars & boats has made my life interesting and a career more than a day to day job, I enjoy working with people on a win win basis. My Christian faith is a guide to valuable principles of Life and in my Business.

Wendy Hodgkinson

As well as being a Mum, Wendy is a keen participant in womens triathlons in the Christchurch area and works part-time for Works Infrastructure in an Accounts roll.

Ryan Hodgkinson

Ryan is keen on sports and is learning to fly a remote control helicopter.

Juliana Hodgkinson

Juliana loves School and boating with Dad and Ryan.


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